About idoma national forum

The Idoma National Forum was formally formed in Kaduna in 1989 after several consultative meetings. The burning desire, coupled with the quest for a rallying point for social interaction and a plafform for the pursuit of the Idoma cause accounted for the formation of the Forum. The August body was conceived as a social and redemptive plafform for noble ideals of truth, honesty, justice, fair play and service for the betterment of the Idoma Nation and indeed Nigeria


The Agila Carnival started about five  years ago. It has since then assumed a sought after status for lovers of culture, tradition , fun, ideas, travels, trends and fashion.
It is usually held between the 22nd - 25th of December, every year in Agila , Ado LGA followed by a grand finale in the capital city of the Idoma people, Oturkpo, Benue State of Nigeria.
It draws particip

ants and attendees from ac ross Nigeria. It is the first and only star studded  get together event that conveniently fuses the usually incompatible pair of beauty and brains.
It has attracted notable Nigerian industries , organisations , corporate entities , grounded arts and social personalities. It is a money generating product, a youth empowerment platform and an innovative entrepreneurship project.

Prices for winners  include gift of cars, international scholarship, tour innovation development awards and community peace building networking programmes

Today , we are transiting the phenomenon from Agila Carnival to Idoma International Carnival with its accompaniments holding  forth in Otukpo, Benue State, otherwise called TEXAS ---------REad More

The main objectives of the forum includes inter alia:-

i. Fostering Unity among the people of Idoma in particular and Nigeria as a whole;
ii. Promoting and Maintaining Idoma Culture and tradition;
iii. Supporting development programmes embarked upon by any community or other bodies in ldoma land in particular and Nigeria as a whole;
iv. Participating in any social activity that is aimed at promoting unity among the people of Idoma;
v. Engage in commercial activities for the realization of its objectives for the benefit of its members, etc

Membership of the Forum

The membership of the Forum is open to all sons and daughters of ldoma through the affiliate Associations spread all over the country. As a corporate body, the body is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja in line with the Companies and Allied Matters Act No. 1 of 1990, Part C.

Chronologically, the following personalities were at the helm of affairs of the Forum. They are Prof. Godwin 0. Akpa (the Pioneering President), Mr. Dan E. Obe, Engr Benson Onaji, Prof. Armstrong Adejo (2 terms), B.
M. 0. Enejoh, Esq (2 terms), Mr. Aju Okopi Ameh, Dr. Alex Okopi, Presently, the affairs of the Forum is being piloted by a vibrant President Barrister Amali Adoya Amali

26578  Visitors Recieved